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War!  The chosen flock to the call of the Raven God and form a vicious murder that flies south, wreaking havoc on Sigmar’s empire.  Greenskins unite in a Waaagh, ready to hurl them-selves into the thick of any battle.  The Druchii, reading the patterns of chaos, finds Ulthuan a sweet fruit to be claimed from the pretender Phoenix King.  Lording over all, the gods laugh and revel in the surge of prayers and offerings that the faithful shower upon them.

Alliances rise and crumble as the tides of war continuously turn in favor of the strongest, the most cunning or the luckiest.  Here is where the Cabal of the Red Fist is grounded; taking advantage of this bloody dance, aiding in the building and sundering of these tenuous bonds.  They serve no god yet, in their sundering, they serve all the four winds.  No matter who wins or looses, whomever is positioned right will profit.  There is power to be gained, and the Cabal will take it and shape it to her own will.

Important Meeting

L'ola, Feb 12, 09 11:45 AM.
Members, please visit the Warcamp to contribute to this meeting.  Attendance is mandatory.

Guild Rank 20

L'ola, Jan 21, 09 2:06 PM.
The Cabal of the Red Fist has earned Guild Rank 20!
We have now revealed our heraldry.
*waves the guild standard wildly*

Increased Access

L'ola, Jan 10, 09 4:57 PM.
I've enabled posting and moderation of images, news and the library for all members.  You should now be able to host images here by using the file manager under the Control Panel link located on the top banner of the homepage.  Enjoy!


L'ola, Dec 21, 08 8:14 PM.
As the winter months progress, our renown grows.  Tchar'zanek has recognized us with the awarding of our guild rank 18.  A second standard may be borne into battle.  This opens the way for another standard bearer.  Those of you who claim to be strong enough for this honor, present yourselves to our officers.  If you are deemed worthy, you may be granted this right.


L'ola, Dec 12, 08 7:07 AM.

The trumpets called for battle on Thursday night and the Cabal of the Red Fist answered!  Aethalamun, Ardgit, Ardhed, Gartuk, Kitta and Xoc banned together to push the forces of Order out of Reikand and then moved on to Kadrin’s Valley to continue our victorious campaign.  Not only were we successful in defending the keep of Wilhelm’s Fist, we also took Kazad Dammaz and Karaz Drengi after securing all of the Battle Objectives.  Friends, allies and miscreants forming several warbands were with us as we ravaged the lands.

From the WAR Front
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